Mary Celis
President & CEO

Mary Celis has more than 20 years of experience as a social impact and community investment leader with experience leading initiatives to improve outcomes for low-income communities by designing innovative programs and investments.  She proud to serve as the CEO of the United Way of Passaic County and lead the strategic vision of the organization.  She previously served as the Director of Health Initiatives at the United Way of Passaic County where she led the health impact department which includes convening a cross sector coalition to impact the social determinants of health which were supported by United Ways grantmaking program.  She has a proven track record of translating best practices and community-based research into programs, initiatives, and leveraging resources to drive measurable results for communities.

Prior to her tenure at the United Way of Passaic County, Ms. Celis provided consulting services to foundations and non-profits.  She worked for a community development corporation and its foundation, the Foundation for Homan Square, on the Westside of Chicago.  She worked in several roles including the Director of the Robert Crown Center and lead the strategic planning work for the development of an urban farm and social enterprise facility.

Ms. Celis holds a undergraduate degrees in Literature, Theology, and Human Needs and Global Resources from Wheaton College.  She holds a graduate degree from the University of Chicago’s School of Administration and a certificate from the Center for Creative Leadership.


Jeremy Guenter
Director of Financial Empowerment and Operations

Luciana Rufolo

Luciana Rufolo
Director, Program Grants


Shana Manradge
Health Initiatives Coordinator

Paola Salazar

Paola Salazar
VITA Site Coordinator

Bethsaida Olds

Bethsaida Olds
Volunteer Engagement, Communications, and Events Manager