Disaster Relief & Recovery Fund for Passaic County

Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund for Passaic County

United Way of Passaic County

It is in times of need that we discover the full impact of a community united.

During natural or man-made disasters, The United Way of Passaic County quickly mobilizes resources to support individuals and families when it’s most needed.

Serving the entire county, we mobilize the community when disaster strikes, including raising funds, connecting those in need to critical resources like food, water and shelter, activating volunteers, and engaging local partners to ensure community stability.

In addition, we partner with NJ 211 to respond to support requests during disasters, including connecting people to services such as shelters, emergency food, medical care, clean-up services, and access to government programs.

United Way’s vision is that all communities can anticipate, withstand, and recover from these events because they are better prepared and have the resources they need. When you give to United Way of Passaic County's Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund, you help ensure that our community is equipped to respond and support the long-term recovery after a disaster. 

United Way of Passaic County has played a role in the relief and recovery from many disasters, including the September 11 Attacks and hurricanes Sandy, Irene, and Floyd. In this role, United Way has raised and distributed funds to address unmet community needs, both during disaster and in the recovery periods that followed. We have experience in identifying community needs and galvanizing community partners to do the work.


United Way of Passaic County initiated the Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund in December of 2023 to secure crucial funds for community needs. Collaborating with Catholic Family and Community Services, the United Way of Passaic County aims to deliver disaster case management and financial aid to those affected.

Individuals who have been impacted by flooding should contact:

Director of CES Programs
Catholic Family & Community Services
(973) 279-7100 x2010

The United Way of Passaic County also convenes the Community Organizations Active in 
​​​​Disaster (COAD) which is a
 multi-sector coalition that facilitates communication, cooperation, and coordination organizations in all phases of disaster to maximize member impact.

United Way of Passaic County has a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator and all donations are monitored by our local board of directors.

We Promise:

Your gift will help right here in Passaic County.

Your gift will help vulnerable residents and non-profit organizations in Passaic County.


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